Why It’s Good To Have Janitor Around These Days

It’s good to have a janitor around these days. Some of you may not believe this right now but it could end up that janitorial services in Las Vegas NV is going to save your life. In more ways than one, actually. Also note that while elsewhere there are alarming reports of third waves occurring, you are not yet out of the woods. You may have had your second vaccine already but now is not the time to rest up.

Now is not the time to be complacent. Vaccine or no vaccine, you still need to mask up no matter what you are doing. It is mostly work of course, you are still surrounded by people who may not care, who may not be aware. Just how serious this matter of the virus is. Of course, it goes without saying – yes, let’s do that, let’s take him for granted, let’s take good advantage of the good work he is doing for us right now – that the janitor cares.

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He cares so much that not only is he doing a right royal fabulous job out there, he’s setting a very good example indeed. Well, he has to, because he could get fired if he’s not adhering to the COVID protocols and regulations that have already been set in place. Cleaning and sanitizing, that’s what he does. Like a lot. Cleaning and sanitizing work has always been an integral part of the janitor’s work. But these days, it’s become a lot more scientific if you will.

You see how it is. In This day and age, even the janitor has had to learn new tricks of the trade. So far so good. You can see why it’s good to have the janitor around.